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Yin Yang Symbol of Trinity

Trinity of Yin Yang

Not Duality or Twins

In the previous article we have discussed the basis of the classical theory of Yin Yang. But as i mentioned before, we still have one problem: The true symbol.

Fatal mistake from this popular Yin Yang symbol is its static image. Otherwise, correct symbol must be moving around each other like this image below

Spinning Yin Yang symbol of trinity
Spinning Yin Yang

The key of Yin Yang’s movement is the empty space between yin and yang. Without this empty space, both yin and yang won’t be able to move.

This empty space is the third element!

In TCM philosophy, the third element is known as Qi.

So, this symbol is representation of the trinity: Yin, Yang, and Qi.

What is Qi?

Take it easy, of course we will discuss about definition or meaning of Qi, but not now, all right.

Okay, back to our topic. From the medical perspective (esp. embryology), this Yin Yang trinity concept is linear with the embryo in its differentiation stage.

In other word, human body development is basically a cell division process.

So, those cells will differentiate into three different layers: Ectoderm (outer layer), endoderm (inner layer), and mesoderm (the layer in between outer and inner layers).

Cells Differentiation
Cells Differentiation

That’s enough with Yin Yang and the third element. I hope it can help you comprehend the concept and the philosophy of Yin Yang

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