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Yin Yang as The Basic of Acupuncture

The very basic concept  of yin yang
The Very Basic Concept

Acupuncture basically is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Therefore, to understand acupuncture, you need to comprehend the basic concept of TCM.

Since along time ago, TCM examines human body based on the symptom displayed at superficial level by the five senses.

TCM philosophy and basic concept you need to understand are:

  1. Yin Yang
  2. Wu Xing

And in this article i will explain about Yin Yang meaning or definition as the basic concept and philosophy of acupuncture.

Ready to Go, Count Zero!

Every time I heard the word Yin Yang, the first thing popped up in my mind is Kamen Rider Agito.

Kamen Rider Agito
Kamen Rider Agito

The storyline is about an eternal battle between light and darkness. Until one point the darkness defeated the light. Luckily, on the edge of destruction, the light broke himself into multiple light seeds falling down to the earth to possess the chosen persons.

Then, the chosen ones possessed by the light seeds will grow to become Agito, the knights of light that will march to fight the darkness.


What Kamen Rider has to do with Yin Yang?!

Chill…. That’s just the prologue.

So, here’s the real deal….

The Explanation of Yin Yang

Yin Yang as The basic of Acupuncture
One of The Most Authentic Symbol

Yin and Yang, is like two opposite sides of a unity which are contrary forces, interconnected, and interdependent.

There’s nothing pure on each side. Therefore, there’s yang inside yin and there’s yin inside yang.

In other words. they are not absolute, It depends on the situation and the point of view.

In normal (healthy) condition, they are form dynamic and harmonic balance.

For example, Yin generally represents woman, feminism, night, earth, dark, slow, weak, and cold.

Yang generally represents man, masculinism, day, heaven, light, fast, strong, and hot.

Above are just few examples. After all, everybody can easily find other things represented by Yin and Yang.

But to understand the concept much easier, I will make an analogy based on the field I’ve been into for years: medicine.

“Yin and Yang, is like two opposite sides of a unity which are contrary forces, interconnected, and interdependent. “

Hafiz Fizalia

Medical Insight

For instance, in medical field, the concept can be clearly shown on the human reproduction: sperm and ovum.

Sperm and Ovum
Sperm and Ovum

Ovum has all the components of Yin. In contrast, sperm has all the components of Yang.

In other words, our body is basically a unity of two elements.

Maintaining the balance of them is the key to have a body wellness and healthy living.

However, when the balance is disturbed, that’s when our body gets what we know as sickness. 

Therefore, the basic goal of acupuncture is to bring back their balance without any deficiency or excess.

Medical world recognizes autonomous nervous system, a nervous control system that acts unconsciously and regulates tissues and organs.

In addition, this system is divided into sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system.

Sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerve 
Source :
Sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerve
Source :

Sympathetic nerves regulate blood vessels constriction, increase heart beats, faster breathe, and basically everything with yang characteristics.

On the contrary, the roles of parasympathetic nerves suitable with yin characteristics.

The Symbol of Yin Yang

Visually, they are identic with this symbol below:

Yin Yang Symbol
Seems familiar?

This symbol is widely used in various aspects of our life. For instance, some people make this symbol as tatoos on their body. Even a country uses the symbol for national flag.

Korean flag use yin yang symbol
Korean flag

So, everybody knows this is the symbol of yin and yang elements.

But, what most people don’t actually know is that symbol isn’t about twins or dualism, but it represents trinity!

In other words, there’s another element besides yin and yang.. let’s call it the third element.

For more detail about the third element theory, you can read our article: Yin yang symbol of Trinity

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