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The Spark in the Machine: The Science of Acupuncture

The Spark in The Machine: The Science of Acupuncture
The Spark in The Machine: The Science of Acupuncture

The Bridge Between Acupuncture and Western Medicine

When I start to read the Daniel Keown book, I was mesmerized. I can’t stop and kept reading it until the last page of this book. His writing style engages its reader to easily understand the connection between the latest scientific understandings of systems theory with the oldest medical tradition, acupuncture. His basic as the Western medical doctor and an acupuncturist allow him to make that happen.

Basically, if you are interested in the human body, how it works, its development, you should read his book. It’s perfect for the general public or the professional in Western and Eastern medical world.

Through this book, Dr. Keown has successfully provided a good reference to understand the connection between these two medical worlds (acupuncture and Western medicine). Using his experience working in those two worlds, he creates a book that can become a bridge between two medical practices. With little research in this matter, this book is one of the important things in today’s medical world.

Dr. Keown has special qualification as a medical practitioner with his deep understanding of the traditional medical practices. He can easily explain about the acupuncture using modern science as the base of his explanation. Therefore, I can say clearly that this book can bring Chinese medicine and modern medical science close to each other.

Holistic Framework

The Western or modern scientific modern, sees Chinese medicine with its poetic way to express medical practices as a strange practice. It is even considered a non-scientific practice that isn’t true. Dr. Keown provides clear evidence that proves those two have a similar goal, but with a different way to reach that goal. He stated it clearly about the process that happens inside the human body using those two disciplines.

Dr. Keown creates such a wonderful reference for today’s medical world. This book becomes an important part that can help the reader to understand more about how the acupuncture works and how it relates to modern medical science. He uses the holistic framework from Chinese medicine he master, then mixes it with the modern concept to create an interesting idea about what the medical world in the future.


The content is indeed important and amazing. However, what makes me able to read it until the end is because how Dr. Keown writes it in such a creative style. He even put some humor inside, which make it comfortable to read. Overall, this is a great book. It’s very enjoyable for the general public or acupuncturist who wants to know more about the connection between biomedicine and traditional Chinese medicine.


The book shows how the theories of western and Chinese medicine support each other, and how the integrated theory enlarges our understanding of how bodies work on every level. Full of good stories and surprising details, Dan Keown’s book is essential reading for anyone who has ever wanted to know how the body really works

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The Spark in the Machine: How the Science of Acupuncture Explains the Mysteries of Western Medicine

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