Learn acupuncture never be so easy

Acupuncture Hack: The Classical Theories

Acupuncture Hack: The Easiest Way to Learn  Classical  Theories of Acup
Acupuncture Hack: The Easiest Way to Learn Classical Theories of Acupuncture

Learn Classical Theories of Acupuncture Never Be So Easy

Classical acupuncture theory has very different approach and point of view with western medicine.

So, it requires us to manage abstract and emotional paradigm to combine western medicine with eastern medicine.

For instance, it’s like looking back to the past to prepare for the future, and yes, it would be a long journey.

But i can understand what you feel. I’ve been there too… the difference is I’ve been struggling with acupuncture way longer than you.

But don’t be worry…

You’re not alone…

With this book, i will be guiding you through every step of the journey.


Four lesson sessions contain brief explanations of classical theory, solid but easy to understand

Lesson 1. Yin Yang Role in Acupuncture

Yin Yang, in simplest words, is the two kind of energy inside your body, like the night and the day. A healthy body has a good balance of Yin and Yang. In acupuncture, the Yin and Yang balance affect the diagnosis. So, by finding out about the balance of Yin and Yang , the disease or the problem also can be found.

You can read this lesson for free here.

Lesson 2. The Five Elements

There is a specific acupuncture style that uses this system to determine the health problem of the patient. Therefore, that style is called Five Elements acupuncture.

The Five Elements, fire, water, earth, metal, and wood, represent the mind, body, and soul, as well as the organ inside your body. Every element has a connection and affects each other. So, by using the Five Elements, you can give the right treatment.

If you want, you can read it for free here

Lesson 3. Qi and Channel

Qi, in traditional Chinese medicine, is something like life force or energy. Every living creature has this life force. And, if it’s disturbed, it causes the problem, which forms a disease and health problem that you have. So,as the acupuncturist you must checks this condition to know the body/health real condition.

And, what is channel? Qi is the life forces that flow or stream inside your body. The channel is the pathway where this life forces flow. The channel is also considered to be the points in several areas in your body. As the acupuncturist you must uses these points and channels to insert the needle. By doing that, the Qi won’t be blocked anymore, and it will cure the health problem.

You can read more about it for free here

Lesson 4. The Acupuncture Point

It is also known as Acupoint. These are the special point that is located along the channel. These points have a special effect when you stick the needle on it that can help cure the disease. You must understands, memorize, and finding these acupoints to apply the needle. So, that way the treatment process can be done much easier and faster.

The acupuncture point is also used in other traditional Chinese medication, for example, the massage (or Acupuressure). The effect and application are similar to acupuncture. And, it’s not only the acupoints, but Qi and Meridian as well.

Those are 4 important things in Acupuncture classical theories that you must know. By understanding those 4, you will also understand how this treatment really works.


Isn’t that too much thing to remember? How could you remember all of that?

But don’t worry.  i have a proven formula to help you learn, comprehend, and master acupuncture science efficiently and able to store it in your long term memory even in subconscious level.

In this book, i have provided a ton of Tricks (hack) that help you understand classical theory and save it in long-term memory.

And the last, i have QUIZ that’re ready to test your knowledge.

So…what you’re waiting for?

You must have this book NOW!

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